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Registering with us is completely free. It will take you about 10 minutes to fill this form. Once it's been approved by a member of our team, we will be in touch with you via email in the next two to five working days.

Please provide your personal information

Your location

Please be aware that we can only accept submissions from people living on the island of Ireland. Let us know below in which county, city/town, and village (if possible) you are based, and where in Ireland you would be willing to travel for work.

What makes you who you are?

Sometimes we look for people with unique skills or interests. Tell us about any sports you play, if you can sing, dance or play an instrument. Or if you have any martial arts/combat skills along with any other skills you think might be useful.

If you have a driver's licence, please add which type below.

Medical Information

It is your responsibility to disclose any medical conditions that you feel are important for us to know about. Answering this will not disqualify you from getting work, it's just so we are aware.

Have you any of the following - asthma, heart problems, diabetes, epilepsy, special dietary needs, or mobility issues? Anything else we should know about?

Please also add your emergency contact below.

Upload your CV

If you are a professional actor or model, please upload your performance CV below.

Please make sure it does not contain any contact information (phone, email etc.)

Only your name and the projects you have done in the past.

It’s Picture Time

Professional headshots always work best for our clients. Otherwise, please follow our guidelines below:


  • Attach head shots and full shots
  • Keep makeup natural
  • Stand (don’t sit)
  • Look directly at the camera


  • Wear a hat, sunglasses, or swimwear
  • Send bridal or graduation photos
  • Send holiday or funny photos
  • Send photos of more than one person

Good photos clear and simple. We love them.

Not so good photos... Please don't upload photos like this:

Note: If you attempt to upload photos wearing inappropriate clothing or showing nudity your registration will not be approved and you will not be able to register with us again.

Last Steps

In order to register with us you must be in possession of a valid PPS or a NIN (NI), and a valid Irish working VISA (if applicable). If you do not have these documents in order, your registration will not be approved.

Please read the declarations below and answer truthfully:

Do you have a valid PPS (ROl) or a NIN (NI)? *:
Are you a national of an EU member state, or from an EEA country or Switzerland, or have a valid Irish working VISA? *:
Do you have any criminal convictions? *:
Do you agree to the Terms and Conditions? *:

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